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Reflector systems for lighting fixtures and method of installation

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4562517.

Apparatus and method are disclosed herein which enable the retrofitting of existing lighting fixtures so as to improve their efficiency, improve their light distribution and better control heat emanation therefrom. The apparatus embodiments comprise different specific configurations of reflectors which may be utilized to replace one or more lamps in an existing fixture with no more than minor modifications thereof. For example, a fixture with four bulbs may be modified in accordance with the teachings of the present invention by replacing up to three of the bulbs thereof with one or more reflectors designed according to the present invention. Further, reflectors in accordance with the present invention may be installed in a fixture without removing lamps to increase the lumen output thereof. The methods disclosed herein relate to the various steps which are necessary in replacing one or more light bulbs in an existing fixture with one or more reflectors to achieve the above-stated goals. These steps may include minor modifications to the existing fixture such as, for example, movement of the ballast thereof and movement of the lampholders thereof. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, the reflectors which are used are made of a material possessing the property of total and in most cases spectral reflectivity of greater than 90%. One material which has been found to be suitable for this use comprises a thin silver film coated onto a thin plastic film. Further, the reflectors of the present invention may be used in newly designed fixtures.

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