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Birdhouse with cylindrical compartments

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4561383.

There is disclosed a multiple compartment birdhouse where the compartments are within three rigid white plastic cylinders with the end walls of the compartments being formed by resiliently deformable white plastic sheet material having an entrance opening cut centrally therein and removably secured about three inches from the edge of said cylinder by having its top and bottom edges captured in notches in the edges of elongated strips of semirigid plastic material running most of the length of the cylinder; the bottom such strip acts as a slightly raised floor in the compartment and is provided with holes to facilitate drainage and ventilation; each tube has two compartments and there is a double partition in the center of each tube formed of the same material and of generally the same shape as the end walls. The tubes are secured in a triangular array in mutual peripheral contact and metal fixtures are secured to the base of the triangle for mounting the array atop a conventional birdhouse pole. Horizontal perches are secured in front of the compartment's openings and along the sides and top of the array of cylinders.

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