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Lead frame structure

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4556896.

A novel lead frame structure is provided which contains an integral arrangement of leads for connection to a semiconductor device and a molded housing is then molded around the semiconductor device and the lead frame. The lead elements of the frame are then separated to define a plurality of individual semiconductor devices. The lead frame has an enlarged finger section which receives a semiconductor die. The enlarged lead frame finger has an opening just behind the region which receives the die. This opening as well as all identical openings along the length of the lead strip are then aligned with respective molding gates in one half of a pair of cooperating molding dies so that plastic injected through the gate flows through the opening and upwardly into the mold with the plastic filling the mold cavity from top to bottom while ejecting air from the mold as the mold fills through the clearance opening between the ejector pin and its receiving opening.

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