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Marking machine control system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4548519.

An electronic control system for apparatus of the type used for imprinting or marking nameplates and other similar workpieces. The control system of the present invention has particular application for use with electrically operated marking machines of the type which utilize a keyboard and a marking member which may be displaced to imprint or mark characters or symbols carried by the marking member on metal or plastic nameplates or other similar workpieces. The control system may be operated in a number of modes selectable by the operator including a mode in which the selection of the character or symbol to be printed is followed immediately by marking or printing of that character on the work-piece, other operational modes in which a number of characters can be selected or inputted without printing, and entire lines of characters and multiple lines of characters can be imprinted without interruption, and modes in which the entire label can be pre-formatted on a display prior to marking or printing and the formatted display can be saved for later use.

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