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Method for recognizing a pellet pattern

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4543659.

In a pellet pattern recognition method, a pellet pattern recognition apparatus is used which includes a table for determining a pellet pick-up priority order, pellet memory table for storing data of good and bad pellets as well as data representing an "already picked-up" state and a "not picked-up" state, and position memory table for storing a positional shift of each of the good pellets within a pellet pattern recognition range away from the picked-up pellet. When the good pellets are to be sequentially picked up, the shape identification and position detection of the pellets within the pellet pattern recognition range are effected by calculating the correlation coefficients. In this case, calculation is performed with respect to the pellet array on the basis of the results of the shape identification and position detection and initially set reference data, and the good pellet is stored, as the corresponding coordinate data, in the pellet memory table.

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