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Damper seal apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4541328.

In general, a sealing apparatus for substantially preventing the flow of air through a damper assembly having a plurality of movable vanes includes a first, rigid sealing member having a generally circular cross-section and adapted to be attached to a first edge of a first movable vane. The first edge is movable through a first arc between a damper-open position and a damper-closed position. A second resilient sealing member has a generally rectangular cross-section and is adapted to be attached to a second edge of a second movable vane. The second edge is movable through a second arc between the damper-open and damper-closed positions. The sealing members make substantially line contact one with the other as the edges are moved toward the damper-closed position and are in substantially gas flow-preventing area contact one with the other when the vanes are in the damper-closed position.

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