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Cathode-ray tube for color display with separate fluorescent layer

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4540913.

A cathode-ray tube for color display comprises a face plate (1), a picture element layer (10) formed on an inner surface of the face plate and including two or more kinds of picture elements (5, 6 and 7), and a fluorescent material layer (4) formed between the picture element layer and the inner surface of the face plate and having a 10 percent afterglow time less than 50 microseconds. As necessary, a photoabsorptive material layer (2) may be provided in a matrix manner between the fluorescent material layer and the face plate. The picture element layer (10) performs a color display function and the fluorescent material layer (4) performs a communication function by means of a light pen. In case that a communication function by means of a light pen is not required, the step of forming the fluorescent material layer (4) may be omitted. Therefore, in manufacturing a cathode-ray tube requiring a communication function by means of a light pen and a cathode-ray tube not requiring such function, the same production line can be effectively utilized.

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