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Carrier for brake linings for disk brakes having divided lining elements

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4535874.

A brake lining carrier has a base plate one side of which can be detachably mounted on a brake lining support member and on the other side thereof is a layer of resilient material upon which are positioned a plurality of brake lining elements disposed to define a friction braking surface. A frame is provided on the edge portion of the base plate to enclose the brake lining elements. Each brake lining element is mounted upon a carrier plate which has projecting flange portions on two longitudinal sides of the brake lining element. The flange portions on the outer longitudinal sides are received within a groove formed in the frame and the flange portions on the inner longitudinal side extend into an open central portion of the friction lining block in which there is a clamp exerting a force against the inner flange portions in a direction perpendicular to the friction surface. The brake lining elements are so mounted so as to have a lateral play parallel to the friction braking surface and in the direction of friction force occurring on the friction surface during braking, the brake lining elements can be positioned against each other and can be supported jointly against the frame while mutually supporting each other.

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