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Suspension bridge

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4535498.

A bridge structure comprising at least one pair of upstanding spaced apart rigid mast-towers and a rigid boom-like member extending upwardly and angularly respective each mast-tower. At least a tie member joining the free end of each boom-like member with the free end of its adjacent mast-tower, the tie member having a substantially fixed length and serving to support the boom-like member off the mast-tower. An elongated deck extending beneath the boom-like members and supported from above by a plurality of tie members, the tie members depending downwardly from each boom-like member free end, to define a pair of fan-like configurations. In a further embodiment of the invention, a pair of such structures are utilized, such being arranged in face-to-face relation. In a still further embodiment, a third deck structure is interposed intermediate the two face-to-face structures. In a still further embodiment, the two structures less the decks and their supporting tie members, are utilized as a cable support.

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