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Door latch with lock

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4524590.

The door latch with lock includes a support bracket adapted to be mounted on the interior surface of an outer screen or storm door, an elongated bolt slideably and rotatably carried in a guideway on the support bracket, and a transversely extending handle on the bolt which extends through a slot in the guideway and is somewhat longer than the spacing between the outer door and an inner door. When the handle is in a generally horizontal sliding position, the bolt slides freely between a latched position wherein the outer end is received in a keeper on the door frame and an unlatched position wherein the bolt is retracted from the keeper. The bolt and handle can be rotated downwardly to a general vertical locking position when the bolt is in either the latched or unlatched positions, but lock means and actuating means prevent the sliding of the bolt between the latched and unlatched positions unless the handle is rotated to the sliding position. The handle cannot be rotated to the sliding position for unlatching the bolt any time the inner door is closed. The actuation means responds to the lock means to move the bolt between the latched and unlatched position when the bolt and handle are in the locking position.

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