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Antitheft side mounted escrows for vending machine

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4511060.

A vending or dispensing machine is operable in triple depth, double depth, and single depth operating modes. A cradle which is rotatable through is used to separate cylindrical articles from a number of tandem nonstaggered vertical columns. The rotatable cradle separates a single can or other cylindrical article from each of the columns disposed in a storage zone above the cylindrical cradle and drops the cans into an escrow zone. One of the cans in the escrow zone is immediately dispensed. If operating in a triple depth mode, the remaining two cans are held by side mounted pivotable escrow members which are controlled and movably operable by the cradle itself. Upon a second activation the cradle moves further in its sequence allowing one of the escrow members to release its hold on a second can such that that can drops into a dispensing zone accessable to a consumer. A further activation of the cradle causes it to release the second escrow member such that the third and last can in the escrow zone is released for gravity movement into the dispensing zone. The cradle then rotates around and segregates three more cans from the columns as the sequence starts over. The side mounted escrow members or gates have a camming surface to advance the point in the operating sequence at which the escrow members are moved to holding positions. A peg arrangement or mounting flange arrangement is used to lock the removable escrow members against removal by unauthorized persons.

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