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Method of manufacturing concrete sleeper blocks

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4495127.

A method of manufacturing railway switchpoint concrete sleeper blocks of varying lengths and having different number of attachment means located in mutually different positions for the attachment of rails. A plurality of steel matrix plates 102 whose respective lengths correspond to the desired lengths of the various sleeper blocks and which exhibit detachably mounted dowels 109 are placed end to end in an elongate mould bed with the dowels facing upwardly, whereafter reinforcing rods 5 are tensioned and concrete is poured into the mould bed and permitted to harden. The thus formed coherent concrete body is then removed from the mould and the matrix plates removed, with the dowels remaining cast in the concrete block. The concrete body is then cut into sleeper blocks of desired length. The dowels are accurately mounted in predetermined positions in frame members 111 affixed to the matrix plates. Upon casting and hardening of the sleeper blocks the frame members are disengaged from the plates and the in-cast dowels for renewed use in a subsequent casting operation.

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