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Cutting tool for jacketed cable

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4489491.

A tool for cutting the outer jacket of a cable, especially coaxial cable, is disclosed herein. This tool utilizes a main body which supports a downwardly extending knife edge from its underside. A gripping tray which is at least as long as the normal width of four adult fingers and which is adapted to receive a longitudinal section of the cable to be cut is supported by the main body under its depending knife edge for movement between a first lowermost position sufficiently far from the knife edge to place the cable section out of engagement with the latter and a second raised position sufficiently close to the cutting edge for placing the outer jacket of the cable section in cutting engagement with the knife edge. In this way, an individual user can place the tray in its raised position using all four fingers of one hand while pulling the cable longitudinally through the tray with his other hand in order to cause the knife edge to cut its outer jacket in the longitudinal direction.

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