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Amusement game

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4480833.

An electromechanical amusement game apparatus including a frame, a playing surface supported by the frame, at least one player element movable by a manually operated mechanism along an elongated track in the playing surface, and a player piece movable along and over the playing surface in response to being engaged and propelled by the player element. A pair of the player elements are in opposed relation in a single track for movement therealong toward, in contact with, and away from each other in response to manipulation of the manually operated mechanism. As a result, a person playing the game can manually force his player element into contact with the player element of another person playing the game in a manner physically interfering with each other similar to checking in hockey and contact in other sports. The game playing surface is enclosed in a transparent hollow cover which supports a scoreboard and clock simulating structure in suspended relation over the playing surface. The game includes timing and scorekeeping functions similar to those of an actual game being simulated. There are two scoring areas at opposite ends of the playing surface for receiving the player piece in a manner causing a score, score sensors in the areas for signalling a score and additional sensors adjacent each area for signalling a near miss. A sound generator carried by the frame and operatively connected to all of the sensors provides sound of a first type in response to a score and sound of a second type in response to a near miss.

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