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Unloading means for bulk material

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4474523.

An unloading system for bulk material in cargo and storage rooms includes at least one scraper conveyor which is movable vertically and which attacks the bulk material from above and moves it in the horizontal direction against an elevator which transports the bulk material out of the room. Known systems of this type employ single scraper conveyors mounted on and supported by elongated guide beams crossing the room and which may be lowered by means of wires or chains. According to the invention, an integrated, dual acting scraper conveyor unit includes a main scraper member mounted opposite one of the sidewalls of the room, and a transverse member horizontally movable backwards and forwards on the main scraper member. Thus the total ground area of the room is covered. The use of downhanging wires or chains is eliminated by making the conveyor unit vertically movable, using sets of wheels moving along vertical rails mounted on the walls of the room.

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