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Machine for arm wrestling

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4463949.

An arm wrestling device operable to allow contestants to wrestle using either arm is provided, and is particularly useful in preventing one contestant from gaining a mechanical advantage over the other contestant irregardless of forearm length. An adjustable arm support pad is provided which is vertically shiftable above the support surface to allow a short-armed person to wrestle a long-armed person with each person enjoying the same initial advantage. Preferably, the arm wrestling device hereof includes a pair of elongated levers each secured to an elongated cylindrical shaft, with the shafts being rotatably mounted in generally parallel relationship to each other. The shafts are interconnected by a shiftable gearing and linkage mechanism whereby one contestant can wrestle using his right arm and the other contestant can wrestle using his left arm. That is, the device can be operated such that the levers will pivot in the same direction or alternatively, pivot in opposite directions. With the levers operably coupled to pivot in opposite directions, the device hereof allows a right-handed contestant to wrestle a left-handed contestant.

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