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Interface circuit apparatus

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #4463401.

A remotely controlled circuit control device has first and second load contact assemblies movable into circuit engagement and circuit disengagement positions relative to one another in which one load contact assembly is operatively connected to a solenoid so that alternate forward strokes of the solenoid moves the one load contact assembly between reset and tripped positions through a push-push mechanism having an indexing portion and a latching portion. An overload mechanism cooperates with the latch portion to cause the load contact assemblies to move to the circuit disengaged position upon occurrence of a fault condition. The second load contact assembly includes pivotably mounted contact members which are linked to the first load contact assembly in such a way that circuit engagement during solenoid energization is precluded. The push-push mechanism is operatively connected via a mode switch to either a reset circuit or a trip circuit and in turn to a remotely disposed indicator-control unit (ICU) through an optical coupler. Contact status and coordination between load contacts and ICU contacts are provided by a feedback circuit. An interface circuit allows operation of the circuit control device without discrimination on a power supply of either alternating or direct voltage or both. Life expectancy of the device is enhanced by several features including double break contacts with contact wiping and the provision of a floating output arm for the solenoid.

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