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Electrical protective devices

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4458288.

A protector module (30) for protecting tip and ring conductors of a telephone loop includes a pair of protector assemblies (40-40') which are supported within a common housing (32). A voltage protection subassembly (42) of each protector assembly is connected electrially to a grounding subassembly (44) for causing current associated with excessive voltage surges to be conducted to ground. Each protector assembly also includes a current protection subassembly (41) which comprises a dielectric base and a line pin (61) and a central office pin (57) with the line and central office pins being connected together electrically to establish electrical contact between a conductor of the circuit and its protector assembly. A shunting element (62) is disposed concentrically about the line pin and is releasably secured to one end of the line pin in an initial position by a fusible bonding material. A spring (43) between a cup (93) of the voltage protection subassembly and the housing maintains the voltage protection subassembly in engagement with the shunting element. Also, the spring is effective when current flow exceeds a predetermined level that is sufficient to melt the fusible bonding material to cause the shunting element to be moved to a position where it engages a portion (86) of the grounding subassembly to establish a fault current path to ground. For a prolonged voltagesurge, heat energy is transferred from the voltage protection subassembly to the shunting element and melts the fusible bonding material to allow the shunting element to be moved as in a current overload mode.

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