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Pressurized oral spraying device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4457711.

The following specification discloses an oral hygienic spraying device. The oral hygienic spraying device comprises a material that can be used for oral hygiene disposed within a pump container or pressurized metal bottle having a spring actuated valve that allows for release of the pressurized hygienic material in the form of a spray or mist. The spray or mist is released when the pump or valve is depressed, through a scrubbing cup. The scrubbing cup has a plurality of radially disposed members within the cup for purposes of abrading and scrubbing residue such as plaque, food materials, and the foreign substances from the teeth and gums of a user. The scrubbing cup can be formed as part of the top or head of the oral spraying device so that it sits over the exit from the valve, or it can be separately attached to a valve connection fixture. The foregoing provides for the utilization of a spray for oral hygiene, as well as a scrubbing of foreign substances on the teeth or gums so that a combination removal and hygienic flushing is accomplished.

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