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Catheter set

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4451256.

In order to keep the opening for inserting a catheter into a blood vessel as small as possible, a catheter insertion tube is used which coaxially surrounds the puncturing canula and consists, at least in a circumferential area and/or at least along a portion of its length, of one or several dilatable or expandable areas permitting enlargement of its internal diameter. The diameter of the catheter insertion tube, at the front end where it is inserted into the blood vessel, is approximately equal or smaller than the outer diameter of the catheter. The catheter insertion tube is expandable at least over the front or forward portion of its length by the catheter. The catheter insertion tube i removable from the puncture over the catheter while the catheter is advanced into the puncture and is tighty sealed by the catheter because the catheter has an external diameter equal to or larger than the puncture previously occupied by the insertion tube.

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