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Tag with attached fold-over transparent cover element

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4446183.

As assembly (10, 210, 310) of a web of tag material (12, 312) and a web of transparent cover element material (13, 313) carrying a layer of transparent pressure sensitive adhesive (14, 314) that is releasably joined to the lower surface of the web of tag material. The web of tag material is divided into individual tags (22-25, 322-325) and the web of cover element material is divided into individual cover elements (34-37, 334-337) in which a cover element associated with a tag has a portion under the tab and a second portion under an adjacent tag. When a tag-cover element unit (11, 311) is separated from the assembly, the second portion of the cover element is foldable over an edge of the tag to protect identification data applied thereto.

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