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Self-locking box for tape cassettes and information flap

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4445612.

A self-locking tape cassette tape box formed from a single sheet of stock such as cardboard or plastic, folded into a closed container having an opening for sliding a cassette tape cartridge therein and for releasably locking a discontinuity of the cartridge so as to prevent the same from sliding out of the box. The box includes locking means which abuttingly engages the discontinuity to lock the cassette in the box once fully inserted home and further includes release means for disengaging the locking means from the discontinuity. The locking release means comprise at least one internal flap joined to a front or rear wall of the box and extending inwardly and downwardly towards the bottom of the box. The release means is operable by squeezing together the two side panels of the box to cause the flaps to flex in compression and move away from engagement with the discontinuity. An information flap is provided which is removably hinged to the outside of the box and formed integrally therewith from the same sheet of stock. The opening of the information flap is controlled by a tongue which is inserted through a slot in the box walls joining the side walls and front or rear wall, the sliding friction of which controls the flap opening feature. The flap and box are formed of the single unitary sheet of material having generally rectangular form, cut and shaped for a minimum of waste, and crimped, scored or otherwise creased with lines to facilitate folding and assembly. The box construction is adapted for machine manufacture and forming.

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