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Absolute optical encoder system

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #4445110.

An optical code disc includes a fine track which provides a high resolution signal, at least one V scan natural binary track synchronized to the fine track by lead and lag detectors, and Gray code tracks which provide the most significant bits of the digital output of the encoder system. The number of circuit elements in the multiplier circuitry associated with the fine track are reduced by means of a quadrant switching technique whereby the sinusoidal inputs to the multiplier are repeated through each quadrant of the fine track cycle. The V scan and Gray code tracks are optically multiplexed to reduce the number of leads from the optical detector. The use of both V scan and Gray code tracks minimizes the number of detectors required in the system while maintaining large detector signals from each track. The V scan and Gray code outputs are synchronized by the use of an overlapping bit.

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