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Method and apparatus for the injection molding and vulcanization of vehicle tires

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4444612.

A vehicle tire crown portion 10 including a tread 11 is injection molded and prevulcanized in a closed annular mold cavity 17 defined by a segmented outer mold 16 clamped together by a locking ring 22 and a segmented core 19 pressed against the outer mold by upper and lower pressure plates 25, 26. The core is then removed by disassembling its segments, whereafter a carcass 14 and prevulcanized sidewalls 12, 13 are placed in the central portion of the mold on an inflatable air bag 38 flanked by lateral mold sections 39, 40. The vulcanization of the tire assembly is then completed, during which the sidewalls are joined to the retained crown portion.

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