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Coin counter

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4442850.

A portable coin counter for counting, totalizing, and packaging various denominations of coins. Coins are deposited in the coin inlet of the coin counter and are fed successively along a guide channel by a conveyor where the coins are counted by a counter and subsequently discharged to a packaging element through a coin outlet. A gate is provided at the entrance end of the guide channel to block passage of coins having a thickness greater than a selected threshold thickness. To permit operation with various denominations of coins, the gate is adjustable for adjusting the selected threshold thickness to different selected amounts. An off-size coin separator is provided along the guide channel for rejecting from the guide channel coins having a diameter smaller than a selected diameter while preventing the conveyance of coins along said guide channel having a diameter larger than the selected diameter. The separator is adjustable to selected diameters. A control panel is provided to display the coin count and to control coin discharge so as to batch the coins to the packaging element in selected numbers corresponding to standard packaging counts. A totalizer cooperates with the counter to totalize the monetary value of the coins counted by the counter.

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