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Apparatus for folding sheet material, preferably laundry

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4439176.

Folding apparatus for folding of flexible sheets, for example pieces of flatwork, being transported on a conveyor comprising parallel belts (1) and at which conveyor one or more folding stations are arranged for folding the sheets along a folding line being perpendicular to the direction in which the sheets are transported. The conveyor has a descending section at which in each folding station a friction roller (6) driven synchroneously with the conveyor is arranged, the direction of rotation being such that the upper side of the friction roller moves in the same direction as the conveyor, and in which folding station downstream the friction roller a collecting plate (8) is arranged with fingers (7) at the leading edge, which fingers in a first position of the collecting plate is introduced between the belts of the conveyor and in a second position is arranged to press against the underside of the friction roller (6). The folding apparatus is simple in construction and reliable in operation. Folding stations which are inoperative may be passed by the flexible sheets on the conveyor.

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