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Golfer's training aid

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4432551.

A golf alignment marker system is disclosed wherein a calibrated grid is provided on a strip of paper which provides a mark on impact, and the paper is mounted adjacent the golf ball. A golf club strikes the paper and the ball, and a mark is imparted to the paper surface adjacent the grid. In one embodiment an adhesive-backed member or tape is adhered to the ball, and the outer surface of tape is provided with a grid mark and is impact mark sensitive, so that when the club strikes the ball, a mark is imparted to the tape surface at a specific location on the grid. The golfer may then correlate the marked spot with the ball flight. A reader is provided to assist in reading the exact marked spot. The golf alignment marker system of the present invention economically assists the golfer in determining the exact three dimensional orientation of the club face at the moment the ball is struck. One embodiment of the golf ball mark reading device includes a transparent hemispherical member for rotatably receiving a golf ball, wherein the hemisphere is provided with a central marking so that a golf ball with an impact mark caused by the impact of a golf club face can be aligned within the central marking for determination of the club face angle at impact.

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