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Production of concentrated alcohol and distillery slop

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4428799.

Concentrated alcohol and distillery slop are produced from fermented beer with a reduced amount of energy by use of a multiple effect distillery slop evaporator in which evaporator vapors from one or more effects are used to strip alcohol from the fermented liquor before they are returned as heat source for the next succeeding effect, and by using vents from the partial condensation of these vapors in an evaporator effect as the principal heat and alcohol source for the rectification system. Condensed vapors from the vented evaporators and the bottom stream from the rectifier are stripped of their remaining alcohol content in a condensate stripper. The overhead stream from the condensate stripper can also be used as a heat source for an evaporator effect before being fed to the rectification system as a source of heat and alcohol.

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