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Torque transmission apparatus including direct coupling clutch and fluid-type torque converter

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4427098.

In a torque transmission apparatus of an automatic transmission for an automotive vehicle, a direct coupling clutch is provided in parallel to a fluid type torque converter. The direct coupling clutch comprises; a first clutch element connected to an input shaft or an output shaft; a first circular coupling element engaging a second clutch element disposed in an opposing relation to the first clutch element, in a manner to effect the relative movement to the second clutch element in the axial direction alone thereof; second and third circular coupling elements coupled to each other at a spacing from each other, with the first circular coupling element interposed therebetween, and adapted to rotate relative to the first circular coupling element through a given angle; and compression coil springs retained in the first circular coupling element and engaging the second and third circular coupling elements, thereby absorbing shock due to the relative rotation of the first circular coupling element to the second and third circular coupling elements; the compression coil springs having a surface hardness nearly equal to the surface hardness of the compression-coil-spring retaining portions of the first circular element and the engaging portions of the second and third circular elements.

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