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Annulus safety apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4423782.

A hanger and valve assembly which can be employed as a safety valve assembly to close both the production tubing and the tubing-casing annulus in a subterranean well is disclosed. The assembly includes a hydraulically activated, mechanically locked hanger which has slip anchoring members engaging the casing or, exterior conduit for preventing movement in both longitudinal directions. The hanger also has annular packing elements to seal the tubing-casing annulus. An annulus safety valve member employing a longitudinally recessed resilient seal member can be mounted in a landing nipple mounted in the hanger. By recessing the seal it is protected from the turbulent flow through the valve. A second shuttle located in the landing nipple is employed in conjunction with the first annulus safety valve to permit flow in one direction while metering flow in the opposite direction. This assembly is especially useful for permitting the injection of treating fluids through the annulus and production through the tubing or inner conduit. A conventional safety valve is employed to prevent flow through the tubing when control pressure is lost or reduced. Both the valves and the hanger can be activated by control fluid pressure through the same control line. A setting sleeve which can be mounted in the annulus safety valve landing nipple prior to installation of the annulus safety valve can be used to permit the hanger to be set using control fluid pressure.

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