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Milking parlor construction

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4419961.

An improved milking parlor construction comprising the combination of a modular unit which comprises a module which may be utilized in fabricating milking parlors of the type wherein a central milking pit area has juxtapositioned on either side a cattle stand wherein each of the modules is composed of a vertical upright member that may be supported in concrete or the like and from which a feed bowl and shroud and individual cattle feeding station gate may be hung. Superpositioned over the vertical upright, which is of hollow construction, is a feed conveyor having communication to the vertical upright member which has a feed chute terminating in the feed bowl by which feed may be fed to the feed bowl of each of the cattle stations. Means are utilized whereby one or plurality of the gates defining a captive station at which the cattle are milked and, incidentally fed, provides easy egress for the cattle to the exit corridor to leave the milking parlor structure. Adequate cross-ties and vertical support members completes the salient components of the improved milking parlor construction. In other embodiments uniquely configured components make up the overall construction which has the ability to meet a myriad of individual needs depending upon number of cattle involved.

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