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Dual solenoid distributor pump

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4418671.

A fuel injection system for a diesel engine having an injection and metering modes of operation for delivering fuel to an engine comprising a plurality of fuel injectors wherein each of said fuel injectors comprise a first port, a second port and a metering chamber for storing a premetered quantity of fuel, during the metering mode of operation, prior to the injection of said premetered quantity of fuel into the engine during the injection mode of operation. The system further includes manifold means for connecting in fluid communication each of second ports of each of said fuel injector, pressure regulating means connected between said manifold means and a fuel reservoir for regulating and for supplying fuel at said second determinable pressure to said second inlet port of each of the injectors and distributor pump means connected to the said first port of each of said fuel injectors and to the fuel reservoir for sequentially lowering said first pressure level to a pressure lower than that of the pressure established by said pressure regulating means thereby causing said piston to move causing said premetered quantity of fuel to enter said metering chamber of a particular one of said injectors through said second port and for sequentially thereafter increasing said first pressure level thereby causing said piston to pressurize the fuel within said metering chamber to initiate fuel injection into the engine through a nozzle.

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