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Shaking apparatus

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4414795.

An apparatus for shaking a work object, the apparatus having an arm adapted to be mounted on a vehicle for earth traversing movement in a predetermined direction of travel substantially parallel and in spaced relation to a work zone; a pair of jaws mounted on the arm and movable relative to each other between opened positions in which the jaws are separated from each other and spaced from the zone and closed positions in which the jaws are disposed in juxtaposition relative to each other and extended into the zone; a suspension system supporting the arm while permitting the arm to shift laterally and about its longitudinal axis when the jaws are moved into the closed positions in grasping relation to a work object; and a sealing assembly engagable with the work object above the jaws operable to maintain a seal therewith while accommodating movement of the work object during shaking.

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