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Fare collection system and components thereof

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4407312.

A fare collection system including a fare box having a coin singulating and counting device in the upper portion thereof and paper receiving means in the upper portion thereof, a secure cash box in the pedestal of the fare box for receiving the coins and paper and having lock mechanism for locking the cash box in the pedestal so long as the cash box is open and a cover for closing the cash box prior to removal thereof from the pedestal; a master vault having an upper compartment for receiving the cash box in the inverted position and lock mechanism for locking the cash box in the upper compartment during the emptying thereof, a lower compartment for the master vault having a cash container removably positioned therein, aligned openings in the upper and lower compartments communicating with an opening in the top of the cash container, a closure member for the cash container, and lock mechanism for holding the cash container in the lower compartment when the closure member is open and for locking the closure member in the closed position for removal of the cash container from the master vault.

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