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Anticorrosion copper alloys

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4406859.

Anticorrosion copper alloy essentially consisting of 4.5-32 wt % of Ni, 0.3-2.5 wt % of Fe, one or more elements selected from 0.01-1.0 wt % of In, 0.003-0.2 wt % of Pd and 0.003-0.1 wt % of Pt, and the balance of Cu and normal impurities. Further, an anticorrosion copper alloy essentially consisting of 4.5-22 wt % of Ni, 1.3-2.5 wt % of Fe, one or more elements selected from 0.1-1.0 wt % of In, 0.01-0.2 wt % of Pd and 0.01-0.1 wt % of Pt, and the balance of Cu and normal impurities; and said Fe being kept in a state of solid solution in a matrix of said copper alloy.

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