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Apparatus for contacting substantially immiscible liquids

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4404173.

An improved method and apparatus for producing a dispersion of substantially immiscible liquids which employs a conduit having an upstream section divided into first and second channels of variable length and a downstream section for mixing the liquids. The apparatus also includes means for varying the length of the first and second channels and means for flowing the liquids separately through the channels whereby the liquids mix in the downstream section of the conduit to form the dispersion. In accordance with one embodiment, a conventional mixer-settler is modified to include the conduit mounted at an upstream end of the settling chamber so that its inlet is adjacent the mixing chamber and its outlet is approximately at the same height as the organic-aqueous interface in the settling chamber. In accordance with this arrangement, the liquids flow through separate channels of the conduit, are mixed in the downstream section of the conduit, and flow into the settling chamber where the phases are allowed to separate.

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