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Dispenser for coiled material having improved transfer mechanism

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4403748.

A dispenser for coiled sheet material, such as paper towelling, having an improved transfer mechanism for transferring feed from a partially consumed roll of sheet material to a fresh or reserve roll. The partially used roll is disposed within a cradle in the lower portion of the cabinet and the free end of the sheet material is fed upwardly over a control arm and then through cooperating feed rolls to a discharge opening. The control arm is mounted on a transfer frame that is pivotally connected to the cabinet, and a transfer arm is also mounted on the forward portion of the transfer frame above the feed rolls. As the partially used roll is consumed, the control arm will move downwardly thereby pivoting the frame and moving the transfer arm toward the feed rolls to insert the free end of the fresh roll into the nip between the feed rolls so that the sheet from the reserve roll will then be fed from the dispenser.

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