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Tone quality presetting apparatus in electronic musical instrument

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4402246.

A tone quality presetting apparatus for use in an electronic musical instrument, arranged so that, when preset data of tone quality pattern are recalled from a memory to automatically set contents on tone quality setting members of manually operable setting units so as to establish agreement of the contents with the read-out preset data, the tone generator section of the musical instrument is controlled by the contents of the preset data during the period of time till the contents set on the setting members come to agree with the contents of the preset data, and that subsequent to the establishment of this agreement, the tone generator section is directly controlled by the contents set on the setting members, whereby the automatic setting operation of the setting members does not need to be performed at high speed and also the player is not bothered to pay attention to noises which otherwise would be generated in the setting members during automatic setting of contents thereon, and further that, during the part of operation wherein tone quality pattern is determined based on the contents of the preset data, there is displayed a memory channel of the preset data, which display is extinguished when the contents set on the setting members are altered or modified manually by the player.

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