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Electrodynamic pickup cartridge having simplified coil structure

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4397012.

An electrodynamic pickup cartridge comprises two reproduction channels (1 and 2). Each channel (1 and 2) is provided with a cylindrical coil (3 and 4) representing a single-section structure and so disposed relative to its magnet (5 and 6) that it encompasses both poles (N and S) of said magnet and longitudinal axis thereof is perpendicular to the axis of said magnet (5 and 6) along the N-S line. The magnets (5 and 6) are installed on a stylus holder (7) which is common to both channels (1 and 2) and carries a stylus (8) so that unlike poles (N and S) thereof project on both sides of the stylus holder (7), while their axes (9 and 10) along the N-S line are found in planes crossing at a standard recording angle (.alpha.).

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