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Continuous flow glue pot for glue applicator

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4395968.

The glue pot is attached to a glue applicator to supply a continuous flow of hot liquid glue to the applicator rolls of the glue applicator. The glue pot comprises an upright cylindrical glue container with an opening formed in the central portion of its bottom wall, and a water stack extending from said bottom wall opening upwardly through the glue container to form an annular glue reservoir. A water tank is positioned below the bottom wall of the glue container in open communication with the water stack, and water is supplied to the water tank and water stack. Heating means heats the water in the water tank and in the water stack, so that the glue in the glue reservoir is heated from inside out and from bottom up. A pump has its inlet in communication with the lower portion of the glue reservoir and it delivers liquid glue to the glue applicator rolls of the glue applicator, and directs a continuous flow of glue into the upper portion of the annular glue reservoir to continuously stir the glue in the reservoir. A water supply conduit extends through the heated water tank so as to supply hot water for cleaning the pump and glue conduits and for cleaning the glue applicator.

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