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Crib flotation bed

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4395787.

A water bed crib comprising a water bed structure including a flat horizontal rectangular platform with an upwardly projecting mattress retaining, water draining weir about its perimeter, a water filled flexible mattress bladder supported atop the platform within the confines of the weir, platform legs at and depending from the four corner portions of the platform, floor engaging caster wheels at the lower end portions of the platform legs, crib frame legs supporting brackets projecting outwardly from the platform legs; a rectangular crib frame with vertical end boards and vertical side gates engaged about the water bed structure and having crib frame legs depending from its four corners and engaging the brackets on the platform legs; the crib frame legs have caster pintle receiving openings in their lower ends and the brackets have retaining pintles engaged in said openings.

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