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Anti-static material and method of making the material

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4393159.

A thermoplastic material formed from a hydrocarbon chain is modified to inhibit the production of static charges. The thermoplastic material may be a polypropylene. A weak salt having properties of ionizing and having its positive ions bond chemically to the thermoplastic material is mixed in the thermoplastic material. A chemical agent is also dispersed in the thermoplastic material and is provided with properties of facilitating the dispersion of the positive ions of the weak salt throughout the thermoplastic material for chemical bonding to the thermoplastic material. The chemical agent may also be bonded chemically to the thermoplastic material. The weak salt may be cupric acetate and the chemical agent may be an ethoxylated amine when the thermoplastic material is polypropylene. The polypropylene is preferably mixed with a suitable material such as polyethylene to enhance the amorphous characteristics of the thermoplastic material. The chemical bonding occurs primarily to the portion of the thermoplastic material having the amorphous characteristics.The material of this invention may be formed as bags or as sheets. The material may be formed by mixing the different chemicals and extruding the mixture under conditions of controlled temperatures and pressures and for controlled dwell times. Preferably the material is not vented to the atmosphere during the extrusion operation.

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