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Apparatus for applying fluid to articles

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4391220.

An apparatus is provided for applying lubricant to articles such as connectors. The connectors 10 with projecting terminals 12 are loaded into a holder 19 enclosed within a housing 16 having an entry door 23. The door is shut and lubricant is pumped into a tank 28 to overflow into a catch receptacle 66 whereafter the holder is moved to dip the terminal ends into the lubricant. During the dipping operation a pair of locking members 98 and 133 are positioned to block opening of the door. Following the dipping operation the locking member 98 is withdrawn while the lubricant is drained from the receptacle. Upon completion of the draining of the receptacle, facilities 126-132 are operated to withdraw the locking member 133 thus permitting an attending operator to open the door without exposure to any noxious frames emanating from the lubricant.

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