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Food processor

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4387860.

A multipurpose culinary food processor having a support with a movably carried arm which is recessed in a base portion of the support in a retracted position and which extends in cantilevered fashion outwardly therefrom in use of the processor. The arm is arranged to carry the mixing bowl and the food processor blade device. The bowl is suspended from the arm with the drive being connected to the food treating device rotatably carried in the bowl. When used as a food processor, the cutting blades are provided in a carrier which is suspended from the arm. The carrier includes an integral chute and the cut food is delivered to a subjacent collecting space therefrom. The arm is swingably mounted to the base for movement about a vertical axis between the retracted and extended positions. In the retracted position, the arm is flush with the base housing. In one form, the food processor is mounted in a floor-mounted cabinet and selectively positioned in a retracted position within the cabinet and in an extended position wherein a portion of the support extends in underlying relationship to the arm in the operating disposition.

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