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Ballistic projectile

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4383485.

The invention relates to a hermetically sealed ballistic projectile having nose, material containing shell and a piston. The nose has a rearwardly increased diameter and a rearward region of decreased diameter, the shell has a forward most region of mating diameter with the rearward region of the nose and is in fixed but frangible contact with the nose. The piston is in hermetic sealed engagement with the inner surface of the forward region of the shell with its forward surface proximate the rearward surface of the nose. Material is used to fill the interior space of the shell between the piston and the rearward inner surface of the shell. The materials can be of a liquid, semi-liquid, slurry or solid consistency and are explosive, hypergolic, incendiary or otherwise reactive or inert, and contained in a single or a plurality of separate component containing compartments.

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