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Continuous low flow rate fluid dispenser

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4381006.

A continuous low flow rate dispenser of the syringe type wherein a fluid medicament can be administered at a slow and controlled rate to a patient over a long period of time. A syringe carrier having biasing means in the form of spiral coiled springs will be placed under tension as an abutment member is moved away from an opposing slidable driver member. A standard syringe has the plunger moved to an activated position and placed in the syringe carrier with the abutment member in contact with the engagement surface at the end of the plunger rod and the opposing slidable driver member in contact with the engagement surfaces (finger flanges) on the barrel member. A control means is placed in a closed position which will hold the fluid medicament in the syringe barrel but under the biased tension of the biasing means. Upon opening of the control means, the abutment member and the slidable driver member will be moved toward each other, thereby forcing the plunger stopper toward the nozzle portion to expel the fluid from the barrel member at a slow and steady rate.

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