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Method and apparatus for forming a plate with at least one profiled border

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4376748.

A method of forming a slab having at least one profiled edge comprising a base sheet and a cover sheet connected herewith, the cover sheet being partly connected with the base sheet in a manner such that a peripheral part of the cover sheet protrudes beyond the edge of the base sheet, in the proximity of which the profiled edge has to be formed, comprising positioning of the base sheet with the cover plate partly connected herewith with respect to a mould having the profile of the profiled edge and nestling an outer surface of the peripheral part of the cover sheet against the mold, filling out a space bounded by the peripheral part of the cover sheet and the edge of the base sheet with curable filling means adhering to the two sheets, curing of the filling agent and removing the slab from the mold.

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