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Vacuum flush valve

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4376315.

A flexible valve element in the form of a flexible diaphragm movable between open and closed positions for opening or closing the drain. By operation of a control pressure chamber formed over the outer or exterior side of the diaphragm and which operates directly by application or pressure or vacuum to the same to move the diaphragm between the open and closed position. A control valve provides the connection from the control chamber to the passenger cabin to provide operating pressure for closing the valve and is alternatively connectable to an accumulator which stores vacuum normally supplied from a source such as that applied to the downstream side of the drain. The control valve is preferably operated by a solenoid which responds to an electrical signal. A manual override system is provided for closing the valve by hand. The invention finds particular application as a valve for use in a non-circulatory vacuum-operated waste disposal system for passenger conveyances such as aircraft in which a toilet bowl is connected to a vacuum-waste holding tank by a drain connected to the bowl and incorporating a valve.

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