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Method of positioning and rotating workpiece and arrangement implementing same

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #4369603.

A method for positioning and rotating a workpiece shaped like a body of rotation and having a plane face, comprising the following steps: positioning the workpiece on an axial and a radial supports; transmitting the torque from a rotary driving member to the workpiece due to the forces of friction developed therebetween; and feeding ultrasonic mechanical vibrations to at least one of the supports, said vibrations being fed to any one of the supports in the direction substantially parallel to or at an angle not exceeding 10 degrees with the line of contact between the workpiece and said support. An arrangement implementing this method comprises separate axial and radial supports, the radial support being constituted by two parts spaced apart through a certain angle and having the profile, in the working portion, congruent to the cylindrical profile of the workpiece surface. The arrangement is further provided with a frictional rotary driving member contacting with the workpiece to be machined, and with an electromechanical magnetostriction converter operating within the ultrasonic range and having a waveguide rigidly connected to both converter and support, mechanical vibrations being fed thereto.

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