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Sheet transfer apparatus

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4364555.

A sheet transfer apparatus (10) is disclosed. The apparatus (10) includes a first station (14), a second station (16) and a transfer mechanism (18) for transferring stiff sheets (20A,B) from the first station (14) to the second station (16). A conveyor mechanism (48) moves the sheet (20B) in a first direction (49) from the second station (16). Push-plates (32) are provided for releasing the sheet (20B) from the transfer mechanism (10) at the second station (16). A pair of longitudinally spaced bar members (50) apply downward pressure to a sheet (20B) falling downward onto the conveyor mechanism (48). Each bar member (50) is supported in an inoperative position by one of the push-plates (32).

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